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1-on-1 Personalized Consultation with Victoria

Victoria Kurichenko
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Not sure why your website isn't growing? 🤔

Don't want to waste your time and money on strategies that don't work? 📉

I am happy to consult you on SEO for your website!

Here is what the process looks like

1. Book a call

The call lasts for 60 minutes.

2. Fill out the form

I'll send you a form with questions that will help me better understand your website's current state, challenges, and goals. If you have specific questions in mind, send them in advance so I can prepare answers, and we will discuss them on a call. 

3. We jump on a call, and I will answer your SEO questions.

You are welcome to ask any questions during the call. 

Please, note a call is not a ‘done-for-you’ service. I don’t conduct a website audit or analyze your business before the call. It’s on you to ask me the questions that will help you.

Some of the things I can help you with

  • Get a second opinion on your SEO strategy or help you create one
  • Understand how to approach a specific SEO decision or task
  • An external opinion on your keyword strategy and on-page SEO 
  • Understand how to prioritize SEO issues to fix them
  • A specific technical SEO question you’re struggling with 

Wait, there's more!

I'm a top writer on Medium with 13.5k followers, 293+ published articles, and 850k+ views worldwide who've made $15,000+ from the Medium Partner Program in 3 years.

Here's the proof.👇

Moreover, I used my Medium writing to build a personal brand and sell my digital products.

In 2 years, I've made $8,400+ from ebook sales on Gumroad by promoting my products on Medium, my website, and via email.

If you are starting on Medium and want to know how to successfully leverage the platform to earn money and grow your business, I can share my experience and help you succeed faster.

I'm looking forward to talking to you.

Got questions?

Email me at

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1-on-1 personalized consultation with an SEO expert and a top writer on Medium


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1-on-1 Personalized Consultation with Victoria

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