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How to Write Blog Posts that Hit the Google Front Page (Updated for 2024)

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Did you know that over 90.60% of all web pages get zero organic search traffic from Google, according to the Ahrefs search traffic study?

Content writers spend time and energy creating valuable content, which is only read by a few people online.

What if I told you there is a proven way to create blog posts that get to the Google front page?

As a marketer, I experimented with different content formats and styles for years before I learned how to create content that gets to the top search results.

In 2021, I helped a UX agency to reach the top results on Google for the "UX agency" keyword and double the organic traffic:

In 2022, I helped a SaaS company to build an SEO strategy, launch a blog and reach the top 5 Google search results for the target keywords.

By applying the methods described in this ebook, I grew my own website traffic from 0 to 4,000 in one year:

I created this guide to share my proven process of how to write content that ranks high on Google even if you are just starting.

In this 121-page guide, you

  • Learn my process for creating high-ranking blog posts I use to grow my website.
  • Learn how to do keyword research (in a simple, but effective way).
  • Learn 8 content optimization strategies that actually work.
  • Get to know the right tools (paid and free) you need to succeed.
  • Learn about the Google algorithm updates in 2023 and how to adjust your content creation strategy.
  • Learn about SEO trends in 2024.
  • Read my case study on the impact of AI-generated content (how it ranks and performs on Google).
  • Read my case study on the impact of the content update (how rankings and performance changed. Spoiler: my web page jumped to 1st Google page after the content update).
  • Learn the content writing principles that lead to success.
  • Get a year-end SEO to-do list.
  • and more!

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Get my guide with a step-by-step SEO writing process, proven strategies, and tools created by an SEO expert with all future updates.

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How to Write Blog Posts that Hit the Google Front Page (Updated for 2024)

11 ratings
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