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Website Audit: Learn What Holds Your Site Back From Ranking

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I assume you run a website and want to make money selling your products and services online.

You hope it will replace your full-time job one day.

You consistently create new content, post articles on your website, set up landing pages to make sales, and wait for visitors to come from organic search results.

Your website has been live for years, but organic traffic isn't growing as expected.

You are confused and don't know how to grow your website because your efforts don't pay off.

Can you relate? 🤔

I've heard it multiple times from content creators and small business owners who are passionate about their websites but don't know how to attract the target audience from organic search results and make sales.

As an SEO expert with 6 years of field experience, I've helped multiple B2B and SaaS companies grow their websites in organic search results. Besides, I've worked with individual site owners, helping them fix numerous site mistakes and grow traffic from 0.

If you want to learn what holds your website back from rankings, this site audit is for you. 👇

Your site audit PDF report will include:

  1. Indexing: Checking whether your website pages are indexed and, if not, giving you actionable recommendations on ensuring all important pages on your website are in the Google index.
  2. Internal linking: Reviewing whether your website pages are interlinked and accessible to Google bot.
  3. Website architecture: Giving actionable tips to improve website architecture and clustering content.
  4. EEAT: Reviewing whether your website complies with Google's search rater guidelines (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust).
  5. Content optimization: Reviewing whether your website is optimized, and if not, giving you recommendations on how to optimize your existing web pages.
  6. HTML tags: Reviewing missing, duplicate, or non-optimal length of title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 tags.
  7. Mobile friendliness: Checking whether your website complies with Google mobile-first indexing.
  8. Search algorithm updates: Reviewing whether your website was affected by the recent Google updates.

In addition,

I will help you define a keyword strategy for your website!

So, you don't waste your time and resources but focus on topics that will help you achieve your business goals, whether it is lead generation, sales, or traffic growth.

How it works

The collaboration process is quick and transparent.

  1. Answering your questions if there are any

If you have any questions about the website audit, feel free to email me at

I'll check your website and ensure I can help you grow your website with a site audit.

  1. Make a payment

Once you are ready, make a payment on Gumroad. I'll receive the payment confirmation, while you'll receive a form.

  1. Fill out the form

Make sure to fill out the form, as it will help me address your most challenging and problematic areas during the website audit.

  1. The site audit takes 2 weeks

It usually takes me 2 weeks to complete the site audit. It might take more or less time, depending on my current availability.

I'll reach out to you to confirm the audit dates after reviewing your answers from the form.

  1. Preparing a PDF report with the site audit findings

The site audit findings and recommendations will be included in the 20-50 pages PDF report.

At the end of the report, you'll find a prioritized list of tasks you should do to make a noticeable improvement to your website performance.

  1. One hour-handover call

Once the website audit is ready, I'll organize a one-hour call to walk you through the report, explaining the findings and the next steps. You can ask any questions during the call or email them later. I am always responsive and happy to help!

You've got a site audit report. Now what?

A website audit report is your accelerated pathway to successful website growth!

Based on my experience, you can implement most of the changes on your own if you run a website using a CMS (like WordPress) and have access to Google Search Console and your website's admin panel.

It might happen that you need developer help for more complex issues, such as site speed optimization. You'll be notified about the critical issues on your website (if any) in the site audit report.

Moreover, you'll get keyword strategy recommendations based on your website business model and niche!

So, you can use the keyword ideas, create optimized content, publish it on your website, and attract potential customers from organic search results.


Please note it's not a do-for-you service.

I won't implement changes to your website. You are the one to follow the recommendations from the report and implement the required changes.

The site audit is NOT suitable for you if

  • Your site has over 500 web pages in total
  • Your site is an e-commerce platform

I will only be able to help you grow your website if it meets the above criteria.

I do it intentionally! My goal is to arm you with actionable tips and strategies to grow your website, but not to provide you with crap SEO services.

I am confident in my services, which help me build long-term friendly relationships with my clients and support them on their journey. 📈

What my clients say

Ready to learn what holds your website back from ranking?

No fluff, only actionable recommendations from an expert to help you see the first positive results in a few months!

If you have any questions, email me at

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Find out exactly what’s holding your website back from ranking.

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Website Audit: Learn What Holds Your Site Back From Ranking

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